Joe's Casino Tokens and Coin Collectors

Joe's passion for collecting casino tokens started when he had the opportunity to visit Casinos in Las Vegas, Tunica, MS, Evansville, IN, and various Indian casinos.  He started collecting tokens and became fasincinated with the variety often different tokens,. Then discover tokens for special events and grand opening

Las Vegas Casino Chips

World Coin Grab Bag - 50 Assorted Coins


Then ventured to Europe and even visited some Turkish casino. Learning that chips, coins, and tokens he had collected had more value than he realized and he began to trade with coin collectors enthusiast.

A Guide Book of Coins 2015 is a must for the avid coin collectors as coin value change from year.  Gold Coins and Silver coins are always sought after.

Now Coin Collectors are collecting coins and tokens from casinos. New technology has obsoleted casinos coins from the use in slot machines.

Vintage Coins Collection Style, Punk Bracelet (T364 Golden Color)

Foreign Coins and rare coins make interesting jewelry and bracelets.